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Child Fitness Lost in Day To Do Children’s Play

Having been teaching Martial Arts now since 1989, and teaching children since 1979, I cannot help but notice how soft children have become.  Now I’m not having a right go at everyone’s child, it’s no direct sledge, just a real observation that children really do need to be stronger. Child Development experts are so concerned...
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Best Age to Join Strathpine Self Defence Classes for Kids Revealed by Martial Arts Master Instructor

QUEENSLAND, Australia March 2014 – Children are like sponges, absorbing everything they see, hear, or observe around them. Whether learning their ABC’s, 1-2-3, or doe-re-mi, kids respond to their environment, and learn mostly by example set by their parents, immediate family, or school environment. But when it comes to taking instruction and classroom-style teaching, how...
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