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Child Fitness Lost in Day To Do Children’s Play

Having been teaching Martial Arts now since 1989, and teaching children since 1979, I cannot help but notice how soft children have become.  Now I’m not having a right go at everyone’s child, it’s no direct sledge, just a real observation that children really do need to be stronger. Child Development experts are so concerned...
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Nobody Likes a Quitter!

There’s one parenting skill that will make the biggest difference  – and that’s teaching your child not to be a quitter. I was talking to one of the Little Legend mums the other day and she asked me to help her to get her child to stay on the mats to do the class. The little...
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Poomsae’s Traditional Resurgence Saves Taekwondo

Friday 28 June 2013 Recently at an International Poomsae referee refresher course I attended in Jakarta the WTF presenter Professor Kim mentioned that Taekwondo as a sport has the 8th highest level participation globally of all Olympic sports. In some countries martial arts like Taekwondo are hailed as great traditional activities that rank for their...
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