15/50 Trial – 15 days for $50


 SPECIAL! Limited Places

free martial art uniform

*This limited offer runs to the end of  or until capacity is reached (whichever comes first).

The 15/50 try out promotion provides a wonderful opportunity for people to trial the Factor10 experience without signing up on a full membership.  It’s a fantastic way to get started in Martial Arts for $50 and includes:

  • 15 continuous days of training.
  • a free high quality Factor10 Martial Arts uniform jacket, pants and belt
  • a free DVD that covers the first grading level
  • a free intro goal setting meeting to talk about your likes and aspirations
  • a free intro private lesson

How to Sign On to the 15/50
You can:

  1. click here to choose which 15/50 trial membership you want and SignOn
  2. read on and explore this further

Some of the benefits

  • an inexpensive way to get started and once you decide to continue you don’t then have to pay for an $80 uniform kit
  • you get to see what classes best suit you
  • a great chance to see how this fits in with travel and other lifestyle arrangements
  • the Intro Private Lesson will ensure confidence knowing what to expect at the first class
  • at the Intro Meeting you will have everything explained to you that you’ll need to know about getting started in Martial Arts
  • rather than just trying one class, you’ll really get to enjoy the great Factor10 experience over a couple of weeks so you’ll be able to assess if you want to sign on to an ongoing membership

Some Other Considerations

  • For people doing the Power Programs (Box or Kick class) – rather than receiving the uniform you receive other training gear. The trial for Box class includes a pair of Factor10 bag gloves and the trial for Kick Class includes a kick target.
  • You may prefer to just sign up for a full membership and not do the trial.  You are welcome to do this however we highly recommend the trial as you’ll need a uniform if doing Martial Arts classes so the trial makes it an absolute bargain.

Enquire Now and Get Started!

*This limited offer runs to the end of  or until capacity is reached (whichever comes first).

CLICK HERE If you do not need any more information or you have already received all the information you need. Please feel free to purchase the 15 DAY TRIAL for $50 by going straight to the SignOn page. …