F10 Junior Box Class

7 – 11 years


Junior Box Class

Time Table

Mon and Wed

7.15 – 8.00 pm


Children will love this great intro to Adult Box Class class as they let off some steam as they put glove to bag. No special uniform is required for this class, just a set of Factor10™ gloves and they are up and running in the exciting Factor10™ Junior Box Class.

Children learn the importance of cardio-vascular training that exercises the heart and lungs keeping them fit and healthy for life and living.  Giving more life is what this is all about.  Muscular endurance – the ability to sustain an activity for a long time – is developed as students power on through some fantastic Martial Arts style punching and striking techniques on the bags and focus pads.  A great activity with a friend as there is plenty of partner work in this exciting class.