STA Anti-Doping Policy

IMPORTANT NOTICE for all Queensland Taekwondo players, officials, club members and any voluntary personnel working with STA Head instructors in any capacity and of any age.

The STA Anti-Doping Policy has taken effect from 1st January 2015. The essence of the 94 page document is as follows:

· that ignorance is no excuse
· it covers all persons associated with Taekwondo in Queensland
· the individual is responsible for prohibited substances etc and
· implications of adverse findings include disqualification and forfeiture of all medals, results, funding etc; suspension and sanctions for both the individual and/or TEAM (as relevant) and removal of Government funding and support for State and National bodies where multiple violations occur.

The STQ Board encourages all Instructors and volunteer staff to review the policy in detail.

Click here to view the STA Anti-Doping Policy