Strategic Objective

By January 2017 Factor10™ will have 10 full time centres conveniently located throughout Australia.

Factor10™ will offer Martial Art programs that develop a unique set of personal characteristics to enhance skills for life and living.

Our members will enjoy convenient locations with a range of class times to choose from.

Our members can choose from many programs depending on their life goals.

We will provide such a great service and quality in program offerings to our members that we will benefit from a very active member referral system. This will be our primary marketing method. We will utilise a range of marketing and advertising methods as determined by our unique demographic and psycho-graphic analysis of the community and our members.

We will be an industry leader through the delivery of our uniquely branded Factor10™ systems.

Our programs will be uniquely designed to provide pathways for a person’s development through the Martial Arts. From the beginning our Foundation Programs provide for children 11 years of age and under who are at the formative stages of creating a body awareness and beginning to understand the social context.

Our Growth Programs cater for the teenager group who are ever so vulnerable in their ability to make sound decisions and choices.

The Freedom Programs provide for adults seeking to get the most or more out of life for themselves and their family who live in an increasingly complex and technology based world.

While the Foundation, Growth and Freedom programs focus on many facets of personal
development through our unique Factor10™ traditional Martial Art teaching system, the Power Programs are focused primarily on a person’s physical development.
The Power Programs provide for people needing to make their bodies stronger, fitter and faster.

And finally, reaching ones unique potential is made possible through the Factor10™ Discovery programs. The sky is the limit in the development of the physical, technical, tactical and mental skills that are nurtured, encouraged and enhanced through the Discovery programs.

And so it is through this life long journey travelling the uniquely branded Factor10™ pathway from Foundation to Discovery programs that is guaranteed to give more to life.
And these programs embrace the notion of innovation. For innovation provides a new beginning, a fresh start, planning for outcomes and implementation and review.
And this is precisely what we do at Factor10™. We establish a plan for success for every person that touches Factor10™. We do not leave ones personal development through our Martial Art programs and teaching systems to chance. We plan and review to tailor the journey, the road, and then the unique pathway that is designed for the individual.

Our Factor10™ logo and branding will become known to the community. When people think Martial Arts, when they think about getting more out of life, when they think about changing or improving their life journey they think Factor10™.

Because Factor10™ has 10 unique programs; Factor10™ programs will develop 10 unique
characteristics to ensure people get more out of life; we can give you at least 10 reasons why
Factor10™ will deliver what we say we will deliver, and above all Factor10™ will exceed ones expectations 10 fold.

People will believe that their Martial Art experience is 10 times better than they ever thought it could be; they will find at least 10 reasons why life is so much more fun and rewarding than they thought possible; people will find relationships and energy levels across their working personal and social life will collectively be 10 times better.

The rewards and benefits of participating in Factor10™ programs will exceed expectation by a Factor of 10. At Factor10™, we know that 100 and 1000 are factors of 10 and that, given one generally only reaches a fraction of their personal capacity in life, these higher factors are not impossible to achieve.

Our staff are trained in Factor10™ training systems to deliver Factor10™ life programs. Their training is ongoing to update their skills and knowledge of the innovative programs that are developed and enhanced on an ongoing basis to meet the changing needs of society.

Our instructors are seen as role models to our members, community and the Martial Arts industry.

Our staff are well dressed and well presented with consistent uniforms and presentation across all centres. Instructors are readily identified through unique uniforms – unique in their design and colour.

Our facilities look consistent from centre to centre. They are modern, clean, spacious and designed specifically for the delivery of Factor10™ training programs and systems.

We value safety and respecting the rights and dignity of all people.

We strive for excellence and seek to enable our staff and members to achieve their life potential.

Colour is a unique part of our branding. Our programs are uniquely identifiable by their colour coding and icon match.

Colour identifies the 10 unique characteristics of personal development and colour is consistent across and within our facilities from location to location. This colour coding and consistency features everywhere, including our promotional materials, at all marketing activities and events.

Above all our colour represents life, freedom, energy and happiness.

Our unique branding of Factor10™ systems is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Unique to Factor10™ is that we have standardized systems across all aspects of operation, including teaching, administration, staff recruitment and selection and management. The systems are tightly controlled and managed to ensure consistency of program and product delivery across all centres.