Hi, I am currently a 1st Dan Black Belt in Hapkido and a fulltime instructor of the Adult Hapkido class in the Freedom Program.   I have been training at Factor 10 since 2008 and have achieved my 2nd Dan grading in 2014.  My goal is now to achieve my 3rd Dan in 2017.

Outside of my Martial Arts passion,  I’m a certified Project Manager and hold a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering.  My wife, Christelle and son, Harrison,  support me in Martial Arts endeavours and Harrison has aspirations of following in Dad’s footsteps as a Martial Artist.

It’s important to me to live by core values that are shared by Factor10, such as integrity, humility, respect and dignity.  I strive for excellence in all areas of life.

Factor10 has provided me not only a first rate learning environment of the Korean Martial Arts, but a lifestyle choice that constantly improves the mind, body and spirit.  Since taking on fulltime instructing I am now able to enjoy making a positive difference to student’s lives.

Sheldon Rennie