Dear Members,

We’re sure you’ve been closely monitoring the news in regards to COVID-19. While there are still a lot of unknowns, we do know it presents the most serious health risks to older individuals, the immunocompromised and those with serious underlying medical conditions.

As a sporting club we have a large connection to the community with members attending numerous different schools, universities, workplaces and, other community and sporting groups. As a club we will be putting in place the following precautions and protocols from this Monday (June 15th 2020) to help minimise the potential spread of COVID-19. We are unsure how long these will be in place, but ask that all members and families adhere to them.

1.    All members and parents must use the provided hand sanitizer when they enter and leave the club (this will be located where the iPad normally is to sign in)

2.    If you are feeling unwell do not come to the club, if you do we will have to ask you to leave

3.    There will be no partner or group activities, with students being kept 1m-1.5m apart to minimise direct touch and spread of air particles from coughs and sneezes

4.    There will be minimal to no use of equipment in martial arts classes, equipment used in fitness classes will be cleaned before and after use

5.    Their will be no shaking of hands at the end of class, fist bumps instead

6.    There will be no iPad to sign in for class, all students will be signed in at the start of class once they are lined up

7.    Students must bring their own water bottle to class and they are to be kept with their bags or parents, not under the whiteboard

8.    Any left behind water bottles will be disposed of each day

9.    There will be no access to the kitchen during classes

10. No contact sparring will be performed in TID

11. If food is consumed on the premises all rubbish must be disposed of in the bins provided, with hands being sanitised or washed before and after  

There are a number of symptoms associated with COVID-19, if you or a family member present with any of the symptoms listed below them please seek medical advice and do not come to the club;

–       Fever

–       Tiredness

–       Dry cough

–       Sore throat

–       Difficulty breathing

–       Runny nose

–       Nasal congestion

If you, a family member or someone you have been in contact with in recent days presents with symptoms or tests positive please seek medical advice. If you require testing please isolate yourself and your family until you receive further medial advice, and please notify us as soon as possible.

Our classes over the coming days and weeks will largely be performed on students’ crosses, don’t worry; you’ll still be working hard!