Oceania Accreditation Course Friday 17 April 2015

Oceania Accreditation

Oceania Accreditation is now available to all members. In a historic agreement, all of the WTF continental unions have now signed an agreement which means that accreditation in one region is now to be recognised in all other regions.


The MOU reached by all WTF continental unions means that accreditations issued by the Oceania Taekwondo Union are recognised in every other country worldwide. It is now a requirement for any coach, to have accreditation from their own continental union in order to officiate in any WTF Continental Union sanctioned event. This includes all of the world’s most largest and prestigious events such as the US open, Dutch open, German Open, Spanish open, etc. It includes all world G1 and G2 events.


The OTU Poomsae accreditation applies within the Oceania region and is recognised by all Oceania countries. The OTU accreditation allows holders of the OTU accreditation, to officiate in any Oceania country.

Why should you undertake the OTU accredited courses?

Our members professional development and the ongoing professional development of our judges, coaches and referees is critical to staging first class events. It is also essential that those officials are appropriately trained and educated and that there are opportunities to refresh and update.

Not all officials will have a need to officiate at international events and other open events, but the OTU accreditation courses are not designed for people who want to officiate internationally. The courses and training are available to everyone, and is aimed at base level accreditation (entry level). The added advantage here, is that when you complete this entry level course, you have the added benefit of knowing that it is internationally recognised.

We look forward to seeing as many participants as possible at the upcoming course the day before the TNZ Open – 17th April, 2015 – start time 10am. Venue: North Shore Events Centre, Auckland. Further details regarding criteria for participants, registration and cost will be advised shortly.