Frequently Asked Questions

Q?Can students compete at a higher level in Tournaments?

They sure can. We have a TID (Talent Identification) program that provides opportunity for students to compete at external tournaments at an Inter-Club, State, National and International level, including Olympics and World Championships.

We have try-outs for the TID program and have talent scouts looking out for members who are showing a predisposition towards this kind of advanced training.

Q?Is Tournament training compulsory?

No it’s not. Although competition and tournaments have been an integral part of the development of the traditional Martial Arts for hundreds of years, there is no requirement that members must do the tournaments or tournament training. There’s no doubt that students who do tournament training and tournaments develop faster and achieve a higher level of athleticism and skill in the martial arts.

Q?What Tournament or Competition training is there at Factor10?

We have a general Sparring and Poomse (Patterns) classes offered every week for members to attend if they wish. We know that Martial Arts competitions can be real fun and so doing specialist training to get better at the wonderful Factor10 Martial Arts Tournaments provides real variety and motivation.

Q?What classes are in the Discovery Programs?

These classes are the Black Belt and Tournament Training (TID) classes.

Q?What classes are in the Power Programs?

These are our F10 Fit classes (group fitness classes). 

Q?What classes are in the Freedom Programs?

This includes the adult Martial Arts classes of Taekwondo and Hapkido.

Q?What classes are in the Growth Programs?

This includes the Teenage Classes that cater for the 12 to 17 year olds.

Q?What classes are in the Foundation Programs?

This includes the Little Legends classes that cater for the 4-7 year olds and the Junior classes that are for the 7-12 year olds

Q?What different programs do you have on offer?

At Factor10 our classes are grouped into Programs. There is the Foundation, Growth, Freedom, Power and Discovery programs.

Q?What about Black Belt classes?

We also offer a class just for Black belts to train together. This is important at Factor10 because our retention rates are so high. That is, most people keep training right through their colour belt grades and achieve black belt so we need to have advanced classes for black belts to continue to develop on their life long Martial Art journey.

Q?Are there classes for certain belt or ability levels?

Yes there are. For example, the Junior classes are offered either as a “Mixed Belts” class and also in separate classes for Yellow belts, Blue belts and Red belts. For example, there are 5 Yellow belt classes for juniors each week offered daily from Monday to Friday. Blue belt classes are also offered in the same way every day of week on a Monday to Friday, with a Mixed Belts class offered on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. We believe that giving people options like this really makes things easier when it comes to training in the Martial Arts.

Q?Are there classes for certain age groups?

Yes there are. Many classes are targeted to certain age groups. For example, there are Little Legends classes in the afternoons for 4-7 year olds; Junior classes for 7-12 year olds; Teenage classes for 12-17 year olds; Adult classes and specific Fitness classes for age 12 plus.

Q?How many classes are there on the Timetable?

There are about 45 classes offered every week including Taekwondo, Hapkido, Fitness, Tournament and Demonstration training classes.

Q?How do I find out about the classes on offer?

The Factor10 class schedule is what people often talk so much about – because it provides such variety to make sure no one loses motivation from a lack of variety or challenge. We call this out “Timetable” and can be viewed or downloaded from the home page of the Factor10 website.

Q?How contactable are staff at Factor10?

Of course the one of the great hallmarks of a full time professional training centre is that there are full time professional instructors to meet your needs. Part-time clubs that operate from local halls and temporary facilities have part-time instructors who work somewhere else in the day and so are not contactable as are the full time staff at Factor10.

Q?What training equipment and other facilities are available for students to use?

We also have training bags hanging in place, a waiting and viewing area for parents, and a reception service that is a great place to make enquiries and get assistance in meeting your day to day needs while the classes are in progress. We also have change rooms and showers for people wanting to freshen up after class before going out.

Q?How does this compare to most other martial arts centres?

Many Martial Arts clubs operate from a training hall at a local school or church. It’s not to say that there is anything wrong with their facilities, it’s just that it’s not possible for them to provide a more suitable training surface like the mats that we have on the floor at Factor10, that provide a much safer surface in case a student falls while attempting a more difficult kick, for example.

Q?How far can a person go with their Martial Arts training?

We encourage everyone to achieve their potential physically, mentally, socially and intellectually. Helping you to develop holistically is what we are about, based on your goals of course.

There are many pathways to success at Factor10 providing opportunities for members to become an instructor, to achieve a black belt, to represent your country and so on. Only the sky is the limit at Factor10!

Q?What happens if there is an injury?

At Factor10 we value keeping everyone safe and go to a lot of trouble to make sure that members are kept safe. However it is unavoidable that from time to time a person may sustain an injury. For example, it is possible to strain a muscle or a ligament or roll an ankle. Our teaching practices are planned in such a way to make sure that people are only challenged to their level of ability and that activities are done safely.

Should you sustain an injury, we will apply immediate first aid and work with you to teach you how to return to training as soon as possible and in a safe manner.

Should your doctor require you to take time off from training we will suspend your training fees to accommodate your situation.

Q?Are there any rules we need to know about?

At Factor10 we are not caught up on rules. Needless to say we are a traditional Martial Arts school that values good manners and a concern for each other.

We have a sheet that is provided to you for junior students who enrol at Factor10 and it has the “10 Rules for Juniors”. It’s a pretty cool set of rules that all mums and dad’s really like. One of the rules is even about keeping your room tidy!

Q?How do we do gradings?

Factor10 really shines in its grading system. There are gradings scheduled every week, with a number of time slots, for people to choose from depending on what Martial Arts program you do.

During class the instructors are constantly assessing you to see if you are ready to achieve your pre grade stripes, coloured stripes that are awarded in class for the achievement of certain aspect of your curriculum. For example, when you are proficient in the kick you your next grading, you receive a yellow pre grade stripe.

Once you receive all your 5 pre grade stripes, your instructor will check ot make sure you are ready for grading. You then go to reception to book in for your grading for the following week.

Theres a fantastic information sheet that you receive at your intro meeting that tells you all about gradings as well – it has the answers to all the questions that people have ever asked about grading.

Q?Are there MakeUp lessons?

Yes MakeUp lessons are available. Even though the Factor10 Loyalty Program fees structure has 8 weeks of holidays and absences per year built into this fantastic program, you can still do MakeUp lessons. If you miss a class you can do a MakeUp for that class within one month. Alternatively you may choose however to take those makeup classes during the next school holidays if you choose as it may not be possible for you to do a makeup within the month if your schedule does not permit this.

Q?How many classes can I do?

You can choose the number of classes based on your goals. If, for example, you choose to do just 2 classes per week in Taekwondo, then your fees are lower than if you choose to do unlimited classes. The cost per class is significantly reduced for people choosing the unlimited class program.

Q?How do I enrol in the trial program?

At Factor10 we like to meet you before you start training. You can make an appointment for an intro meeting by email or by phone. All contact information is on the website at The Intro Meeting usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes and is a great opportunity to find out exactly what we do at Factor10 and to see our great facilities.

Q?Can I do a trial program to see what it’s like?

Once we have met, then you can choose to sign on to our trial program that’s called our 15/50 – 15 days of training fro $50. This includes a goal setting meeting, 15 days of training, a uniform, a private lesson as well as a training DVD.

Q?What happens at the end of the trial?

After the trial you can choose one of our many programs based on the number of classes that you plan to do as well as whether you would like to sign on for a shorter or longer period. There are plenty of choices at Factor10.

Q?Can I just pop in and check the place out?

You sure can. Our reception staff will greet you with their happy smiling faces and answer any questions you may have. If you would like someone to show you around or spend some time with you then it’s a great idea to book a time to make sure we dedicate a staff member to you for at least a half an hour. That way you’ll feel great knowing all your questions have been answered and that you have not made a hurried enquiry. You’ve probably got so much you would like to know about Martial Arts training.

Q?How much does it cost?

There are a number of fees to choose from depending on whether you are doing a class, 2 classes or unlimited number of classes. You can choose to sign on for a 6 month period or you can pay for classes on a fortnight by fortnight basis, without any sign on period. At Factor10 reward people who commit for longer and so there is a real significant fee discount for signing on to a 6 month program.

Most people start on a 2 class a week program that costs around $55 a fortnight or an unlimited classes membership that is around $65 per fortnight. People often comment that it’s great value for a Full Time professional Martial Arts centre.

There is a details and comprehensive fees schedule that is provided at the intro meeting and it has all the details.

Q?Is there a uniform to wear?

If you choose to do Martial Arts classes like Taekwondo or Hapkido, you will require a uniform jacket, pants and belt. If you are doing one of our Power Programs like Kick Fit or Box Fit, you do not need to have a uniform. The uniform usually costs around $80, though it’s included in our 15/50 trial program for $50 – great value considering this also includes 2 weeks of unlimited class training, a private lesson, a goal setting meeting and a training DVD.

Q?How do I know what classes to do?

In our Intro meeting we’ll talk to you about your goals and tailor a program of classes to suit your needs. For example, if you are a teenager or adult and wanting to do classes to improve fitness, then we will recommend the Power Programs and we’ll help you decide if the Kick Fit class or the Box Fit class is best for you.

We help you decide the best classes for you based on age, gender, ability level and goals.

Q?Do I have to sign a contract that locks me into a set period of time?

No, you do not have to. At Factor10 there are many choices about how you sign on. If you would like the flexibility to just go on a fortnight by fortnight basis for Martial Arts classes rather than to lock in for 6 months, then you can. When you commit to a longer period you do however get a reduced fee.

In our Power Programs you can also choose to pay a casual class fee each time you attend, however this is not available for Martial Arts classes.