F10 Junior Mixed Belts

7 – 11 years


Junior Mixed Belts

Time Table

Mon &  Tues

6.15 – 7.00 pm

At Factor10™ we know that families can be very busy and need many class options to suit hectic schedules.  As a family Martial Arts academy we recognise this and pride ourselves on providing many class options to ensure no-one misses out on the opportunity to develop into an extraordinary Martial Artist and person.

The Factor10™ Junior Mixed belts programs provides an opportunity for children to attend classes later in the evening where family and work commitments do not make it possible to train in the specialty belt level classes after school.  As with our specialty belt level classes (white, yellow, blue, red and black belt classes), the junior Mixed Belt classes assist students to set very specific goals through our belt pre-grading system and achieve them as they grow in technical ability, confidence and discipline.