Mitchell started with your academy in October 2007, originally to build up his confidence. His confidence is not the only thing that this has helped him with. He is a different boy. He is confident, respectful, well mannered, very thoughtful and super energetic. My husband, Michael and I are so so proud of him and the super boy he has become.

Michael doesn’t get to watch Mitchell and Jarrod as much as he would like to, but he came to watch Mitchell’s 1st gup grading and was absolutly blown away. He was so impressed with Mitchell’s knowledge and abilty. He was bragging about Mitchell at work all night.

We were worried that he was going through his gradings too fast but you and Fiona assured us that he was just a natural, and worked hard and deserved to be where he was. He is now working toward his ChoDanBo grading.

His brother, Jarrod is blue belt and Mitchell gives him lots of help and advice. We are hoping to get all of our five children into your academy so that hopefully they can achieve the same positive changes that Mitchell has achieved.

I always tell my family it is the best thing we could have done for Mitchell.

Mitchell has spoken about wanting to become a martial arts instructor one day which I am positive he can do. With the confidence and spirit he has now, he will do anything he sets his mind to do.

I can not fault this club at all, all the instructors are wonderful and they really care about the kids. Keep it up, a club with this sort of atmosphere is hard to find.

Thank you

Tina and Michael,