My grand daughters are the third generation to learn a martial art. With Factor10 we have seen the improvement in confidence, self assurance and concentration in the girls at school. We admire the relationship the young instructors have with their students, they are exceptional role models. We are glad we chose Factor10, the girls love it.



Dear Mr and Mrs O My wife and I are so happy that Alexavier has been taught the art of Taekwondo from your organisation – Factor10. Thank-you for developing him, and I am sure he will continue to progress in his martial arts as a result of your professional program. We feel lucky to have been members of Factor10 and also I really appreciate you gave our son Alexavier the opportunity and developed his skills. My family thanks you.

Hi Damien, I’ll  share with you what Ethan told me in the car on the way to training yesterday. “I don’t believe that I got my first pre grade stipe on the first day”.  And at the end of training yesterday, he received yet another stripe.

Ethan is one very happy, stoked boy, who is loving his lessons. He also said yesterday that he wanted to stay there until he gets his black belt, then become a trainer. Will wait to see what happens. He seems very focused.

Thank you very much for everything.


Hey guys, Congratulations on the end of year tournament, it was really great to sit back and watch all the belts go through their disciplines. It was especially good for the young kids to watch the black belts with the high kick and the side fly kick and to know that all things are possible.

For Brentton, he was so nervous doing the Poomse. When we got there first he was just about throwing up and so for him to get a second he was totally excited. That was the first time he kicked a board and I think even to hit it once gave him the confidence he needed to continue.

Damien, as you said the other day at Strathpine, any move forward is a good one, it has definitely been good for Brentton and so a big thankyou.

Greg and Jo,