Our Story

Factor10™ is about passion. A passion to help everyone to reach life’s potential through the Martial Arts.

Anyone who touches our organisation is touched by the Martial Art tradition. Our members, our suppliers, our staff, the community – everyone!

Our organisation was born from a need to give ourselves life – a life where we reached beyond the day to day grind that limits us all in achieving our potential. The Martial Arts have given us more life, and through our programs, we can help to give others more life. It’s about getting the best and most out of life through the Martial Arts.

We have grown from offering classes on a concrete floor in a large storage shed at the TAFE College in Innisfail in 1989 to purchasing a brand new 500 square metre full time facility at Strathpine in 2003. And in between we hired halls in Innisfail and Brisbane, from Dutton Park to The Gap, from the city to Carseldine, and from Greenslopes to Albany Creek. We offered classes at QUT City, Kelvin Grove and Carseldine and finally made the move to a leased facility in 1997 at Albany Creek.

Our vision has always been to be an industry leader, to provide the instruction, service, support, and technology second to none in the health and fitness industry. And industry leaders running full time centres in Martial Arts in Queensland were few and far between in 1997. In fact we were the first to do so in Brisbane in that year.

And it all seemed mission impossible – and everyone said it could not be done. No one else had done it in Brisbane. But our passion, guided by Martial Art spirit and integrity, has enabled us to reach our life’s potential … to get the most out of life through the Martial Arts .. to pursue our spirit of innovation and success.

Giving us more to life was our vision, our dream that has become a reality.

And the Martial Art journey is life long .. a journey of growing and developing and reaching a new life potential. Factor10™ is on a unique journey of its own, because Factor10™ is people – its managers, instructors, members, suppliers, community – it’s the people that makes Factor10™. People who have been touched, in one way or another, by the Martial Arts.

So our programs reflect this life journey. From our “Foundation” programs to our “Growth” programs, from our “Freedom” programs to our “Discovery” programs and finally, our “Power” programs.

And this journey is truly life long. It has been and is for Factor10™. It has been and is for our current members. We guarantee it will be for anyone who is touched by our organisation in the future.