Factor10 Our Future

The future of Factor10™ Martial Arts is every bit as exciting as our wonderful history. The growth of our organisation has brought many challenges that we have faced with success.

We have remained focussed on ensuring our members continue to receive the highest quality Martial Arts experience through great instruction and care.  We have been and we will continue to be unwavering in our commitment to offer a great, life long traditional and contemporary Martial Arts experience.

It is planned that by January 2017 Factor10™ will have 10 full time centres conveniently located throughout Australia.  Factor10™ will continue to offer Martial Art programs that develop a unique set of personal characteristics to enhance skills for life and living, whilst enjoying convenient locations with a range of class times to choose from.

Our members can choose from many programs depending on their life goals.

Our Martial Art training programs will continue to reflect this life journey. From our “Foundation” programs to our “Growth” programs, from our “Freedom” programs to our “Discovery” programs and finally, our “Power” programs.